[Ficlet] The Born Day—-By ALONA

THE BORN DAY   With—–Byun Baekhyun & Anna Cho In Ficlet Length—-A Fluff &Romance Genre—-Teen Labeled Disclaimer;  FF is JUST for me. I just PLOT owner, not CAST. If the reader find the groove and the same story, it’s an accident. It made me purely from my imagination. So, any false things here are for falsehood,…

AndroPhobia—By ALONA

  ANDROPHOBIA   Byun Baekhun – OC’s Anna Cho   In OneShot Length, With Romance and Life Genre, Then PG – 15 Rated.   Thanks, For AMAZING Poster. By; @FatimaMales     Disclaimer;    This FF ONLY MINE. I just own the PLOT, not the CAST. If there is a similarity it was a accidental….